Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Little Travelers

I never realized how many steps are involved in travel until we had to be two sherpas carrying two kids, two carseats, two suitcases, and my diaper bag.  We started out in our car, then a bus, then a plane, then a train, then another bus, then a rental car; and reverse it for the trip home.  I'm just happy we came home with the two kids that are actually ours.  Bonus!  We have all of our stuff too.  Amazing, I know.

We had a great time celebrating Ayyam-i-Ha in Colorado with my sister, brother-in-law, my parents, and our little foursome.  The boys traveled well, and the only real challenge was the extensive hauling of people and things through various modes of transportation while dealing with the wills and slow, wandering feet of a two-year-old.   

We went to the Denver zoo, where Everett would look at an animal, then say "see different animal", which we are pretty sure he said at least a hundred times.  His verbal skills really blossomed over the trip, and he has a running monologue constantly.  On the drive from the airport to our house, "I see a truck!  Purple truck!  Need more toys!  Touch car!  See Grandma, Papa!  Go home!" and on and on.  He is also into counting lately, and knew how to count to 5 when we got there, 17 or something when we left.  We also did some other stuff, but I'm too tired to think straight right now...

Here are some pics that I love from our trip.

Ev was refusing to wear his hat, but looking good in Lauren's.
Equally amazed by an animal at the zoo.

It's hard to see, but they are standing next to a dinosaur made of scrap parts.
We were QUITE the spectacle through the airport.  Eric wearing the carseat and making sure Everett is staying with us.  Me wearing a baby who is wearing a helmet.  Both hauling other goods as well.
Ev looking irresistibly cute in his winter hat.

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