Sunday, October 28, 2012

Raking Leaves

Well it looks like I posted out of order, but it's true.  Snow a few days ago, raking leaves today.  Tomorrow it's going to be nearly 70 degrees.  Crazy!  I thought I'd get a little yard work done this afternoon after Eric went to work.  Frustrated with trying to put leaves in the bag by myself, I quickly surrendered to some fall fun.  With my camera of course!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trick or Treat Street at the Children's Museum

This morning we took the boys to the Denver Children's Museum for their first trick or treating experience.  It didn't take long for Everett to get the hang of it with those rewards going into his bucket.  It was a great way to expose them to the experience while obtaining mostly healthy snacks (Larabar, organic fruit leather, a toothbrush for instance) instead of candy, and in a safe environment.  They had a blast.  And might I add, Everett LOVES the monkey costume.  We have to practically pry him out of it each day.  Yesterday we took a monkey to Home Depot.  Tomorrow we are taking them to Boo at the Zoo, so I'm sure a lot of the photos will look the same.  Here are a few of my favorites from today...

Look at you!  Look at YOU!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Snow Fun!

Well our first snow (enough to play in) of the year occurred in the same week of my first photo assignment for an informal class I'm taking.  This provided the perfect opportunity to take tons of photos -- something I would have done anyway, but perhaps with a little more purpose this week. 

Everett was so excited to go play in the snow.  They both seemed to enjoy getting all bundled up, but poor Paxton couldn't really stand up easily once he fell or sat down.  He also doesn't really fit into his mittens, so got really frustrated with not being able to use his hands.  He'd work the gloves off, and then cry after touching the snow because his hands were cold.  Can't win that one!  We did a little sledding, a little snowball throwing (I'm so mad the action shot I got is blurry - they're quick those kids!), and Pax did a lot of snow eating.  Everett said he doesn't want to eat the snow because it's not food.  Haha!  We didn't get to make a snowman yet as the snow wasn't wet enough to pack the two times we went out.  We'll have to wait for the next snow now because the forecast is taking us into some warmer weather this week.  The weather fluctuations have been wonderful so far.  You really can't get sick of anything right now.  I expect to be back in short sleeves later this week. 

Here are some of my favorite photos.  I had to include the action snowball shot even though it's not focused quite right.  I'll try for another of those next time.  ;) And the last one shows Pax's frustration at not being able to use his hands with gloves and being too cold without them.  I didn't notice until just now that his middle finger is up too, which makes the shot just all the more hilarious.  :) 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thank You for Whistling

When I request something of the boys and they actually do it, I like to say "Thank you for listening."  So when Everett asks something of Paxton, he likes to follow it up with "Thank you for whistling."  Hahaha!

Everybody has...

Everett: (talking about reasons to eat dinner) "It gives us energy!  And I have bones!  And you have bones, and Paxton has bones, and Daddy has bones, and Taryn (babysitter) has bones.  Everybody has _____"

What would you think he is going to say in this scenario?  Yes, I also thought it would be "Everybody has bones."  But I was wrong.


"Everybody has BUTTS!"  And then after I laughed it encored a repetition of "butts" about 50 times.  *sigh*  Parenting mistake #789609860.  At least it's a funny one.  :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Paxton at 15 Months

I am a month late in this!  Sorry!

Here are Pax's 15 month stats:
Height: 33 in (94%tile)
Weight: 23 lbs 14 oz (45%tile)
Head circumference: 18 3/4 in (60%tile)

And here's what he's been up to.  Climbing, running, getting into trouble, exploring, pointing, waving, a little bit of talking, lots of eating, some signing, and being irresistibly adorable!

I regularly find that he has (in a matter of a few seconds) climbed on top of the kitchen table or has made his way on top of the tv stand and is pointing at the people on the tv right in front of him.  Now please don't misunderstand, I'm not a neglectful mother.  You can turn your back for a few seconds, and he takes his chance.  And he's so quiet!  :)

Pax doesn't talk a lot, but he enjoys saying "no" and shaking his head.  Everett and Pax echo the no's back and forth to each other.  He picks up signs a lot more quickly now, and he does a great job signing that he wants a banana and saying thank you after he gets it. 

He also is gearing up to that 18 month mark when life gets a lot more...tantrum-y.  He shows his frustration by banging his head against the wall, floor, me, anything nearby.  Sometimes he lays down in resignation.  Oh dear.  These days are coming. 

And to end on a positive note, some things he loves: his blanket, stuffed animals (in particular his lamb from Aunt Barbara and monkey from cousin Ruby), singing, books, tickles, climbing, bananas, being outside, and DANCING!!! 

I brought the boys to the playground, and it was so windy that it was freezing!  I felt so bad making them leave after about 10 minutes.  Especially with this happy face!

Paxton loves having books read to him.  He brings one of us a book and plops down in our lap.

Precious boy.

Grandma Mary's spaghetti recipe is always a hit.

Here he is trying to blow the dandelion seeds.  He isn't very effective, but incredibly cute.