Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photo Update

We've mostly been on survival mode over here while getting through a household common cold and Paxton not sleeping well with his helmet.  Despite all that, we've had a lot of fun and sweet moments together resulting in some cute photos I couldn't resist sharing. 
 It blows my mind that the fetal position that once resided in my body now takes up a laundry basket.
 What's better than a box?  Not much.
 Poor Pax is still trying to get some teeth.  Chewing on the papalilly (Everett-speak for caterpillar) antennae.
 It pays to be a peeping Tom when you sneak a peak at a very sweet moment between Daddy and son.
 Shenanigans in the kitchen after dinner.
I love pictures like this.  It really shows what 19.5 months will do!  (Pax is naked because he was wearing his dinner.)

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