Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 Resolution

Happy New Year!

Picking a New Year's resolution is a tradition which I particularly enjoy. I've never kept one for a whole year, but that's beside the point. The start of a year and a new good habit is refreshing and motivational. Awhile ago I was reading a marriage blog that I enjoy perusing on occasion, and one post in particular has stuck with me. It basically said that when it comes to being wanted, all one can do is present something worth wanting.  I found that so profound and eye-opening. So my resolution this year will be to present and BE something worth wanting...as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.  It means becoming a better person in many ways, such as being kind, nurturing my friendships and family, being patient with my children, etc.  It also means taking responsibility (at least in part) for the failure or success of these relationships.

So, on this first day of 2012, I hereby resolve to:
     Be a wife worth marrying over again.
     Be a mother one would choose if given a choice.
     Be a daughter, sister, and friend that is supportive, present, loving, compassionate, etc, etc, etc.

And I can't help but wonder - what will 2012 bring?  2009 brought us Everett.  2010 brought the pregnancy that brought us Paxton in 2011.  It's crazy to look back on all the change that has happened in three short years!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Few Christmas Firsts

Well today Paxton learned how to crawl!   And Everett learned how to give raspberries/zerberts! 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some Funny Ones

I have to hide my boots because Everett loves trying them on.
Here is Paxton being swallowed by his winter-wear.  The gross looking things in Everett's bowl are NOT items of food I give him but rather chunks of play-dough that he fell in love with and could not part from for about a week.
 "Potty?!" No Ev, the Rug Doctor is not a potty.
Every time we go to Target, the same conversation...
Ev: "Car!  Drive!"
Me: "No Everett, that is for people whose legs don't work well.  And yours work JUUUUST fine!"
 "Phhhhbbbbbt"  We've been getting a lot of fun motorboat noises from Pax lately.
Everett got his picture of "Wenew" (Aunt Lauren).  He put it on the floor and then gathered some of his toys so they could play together.  Awwwww!  Sweet and sad at the same time.
Heehee.  I'll let you caption this one for yourself.  They're both making hilarious faces.  Needless to say they don't look thrilled about either the walk or their outfits.  But don't worry, the very next picture I took has them smiling.  It's just not as funny.  :)

New Food Friday #2

Well, we seem to have delved into food with a bit too much vigor.  Pax is practically begging for the food we eat in front of him, but his little body just isn't as ready as his mind.  It certainly isn't ready for two meals per day.  After four days of carrots, we finally figured out that it was the reason for 2+ hours of crying in the night.  We went a few days with no solid food, and the wake-ups stopped.  Over the last few days he has had very little solids, but we have introduced pear both in its whole state (through a net as seen below) and pureed.  This was started after he very jealously watched Everett and I share a pear.  I couldn't help but give him a small piece, and he really went to town on it.  I would not have guessed you could eat pear entirely through mesh.

On the verge of upset.  Ev's hand is a blur because it is about to push Pax onto the pillow so he can relax.  Pax didn't quite look at it the same way.  haha!  It really was well intentioned.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Play Pax Sophie!

I especially love seeing what Everett's first word to me will be when I get him up in the morning or after a nap.  Usually it's something like "Ju" (Juice) or "Pa" (Pax).  Today's was especially sweet.  I had Pax with me, and when we went in, Ev said, "Pway Pa Popie! Pway Pa Popie!" (play Pax Sophie).  I lifted him out of his crib, and he bolted for where all the toys are kept.  He looked for Sophie, Pax's toy giraffe.  When he couldn't find her, he ran back to his room, rattle in hand and plopped it on Pax's chest, very proud of himself.  Then he laid right on down for me to change his diaper!  Seems like a dream, but I swear it was reality.  What a sweet boy.  :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pax Skywalker

Using the Force to obtain more oatmeal.

The Return of New Food Fridays!

When Everett was starting to eat, I dubbed Fridays as New Food Fridays in order to provide a week between introducing new foods.  And because it's fun.  I'm sorry to say I, myself, did not have anything new today.  I'll have to work on that for next week.  Pax's new food today was carrots.  I didn't realize until reading Everett's New Food Friday post that his first food was also carrots.  Paxton's first bite surprised him, but then he was excited for more.  He eagerly ate the entire serving.  You can see I'm not bothering with a bib these days.  He is a much less messy eater than, ahem, I am used to.  :)  Although, I'm sure it's just that we are more experienced feeders.


Carrots = Pure Happiness

Friday, December 2, 2011

Everett's Birthday, Take TWO!

Over Thanksgiving we had a little 2nd birthday celebration for Everett while my family was in town.  He enjoyed TWO carrot and applesauce cupcakes (SO good!).  Here is a fun photo comparison below.  My how they grow in one year!!!  Despite Everett's face in his one year pictures, I assure you he thoroughly enjoyed that chocolate cupcake. 

Pax Eats!

Real food that is!  It's that time!  I was dreading the messy, pureed, tedious learning-to-eat stage for awhile, but I've finally come around and am excited again.  I guess amid the toddler pickiness, I am excited for the fun that babies have with new food experiences.

I've had several people make comments wondering why I waited so long.  This puzzles me.  So let me briefly explain myself.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting on solid foods until 6 months of age for several reasons.  One reason is to prevent development of allergies by early exposure to allergens.  The digestive tract also needs some time to mature.  I also felt he needed to be able to sit adequately in the high chair, which for now is mostly adequate - some propping required.  And finally, there is a tongue thrust reflex in which their tongue pushes food out of their mouth when introduced.  You can see why this would be a great survival skill and another reason why little humans are so amazing.  Trying to get them to eat before this reflex disappears...well it's really messy.  And learning to eat is already messy.  The final and very important reason to wait has to do with his genetically inherited (my fault) proclivity to regurgitate all day.  Spit up blueberries, beets, and such?  Not fun.  Been there with Ev.  Not anxious to go back. 

So Pax is 5.5 months, and he is showing great interest in participating in meals.  Yesterday I gave him a slice of apple in this device that holds food in a net.  He gnawed and sucked on it and thoroughly loved it.  Tonight he finally got to do what he's been begging to do for a few weeks.  He sat at the table and ate dinner with his family!  :)  It felt so right to have all four of us around the table. 

First I made sure he could sit in and tolerate the high chair. 

Those smiles are for Daddy.  :)
Then we sat down for dinner for the first time as four eaters.  I know, there should be something green on our plates.  I had salad for lunch.  :)

Paxton, like his brother, ate more than I expected.  He eagerly ate his oatmeal, and he did really well.  Of course I'm better at it this time around.  I didn't bother with the super thinned out cereal.  I mean, who likes feeding someone soup on a tiny spoon?  Not me!  We skipped to a thicker version.

And below - of course Everett decided he needed to wear a bib now too...while playing with his farm.