Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mama's Buh-day and Other Funnies

My birthday is coming up at the end of this month.  The subject of birthdays has come up a lot lately with Everett, so he knows that in our family, mine comes next.  So I found it hilarious today when he presented me with a square block with a long skinny block standing up on it - my birthday cake.  And later he wrapped a towel in his blankie and gave it to me.  I can't remember if he actually said "Happy Birthday" or "Mama Birthday".  Regardless, it was the best, most thoughtful present ever and gave me some much needed chuckles.  :)

When I put Ev to bed, we always say good-night to everyone we love before we say prayers.

Last night:
After (in no particular order) Mom, Dad, Pax, Grandma, Grandpa, Lauren, Sarmad, Frankie, Julian, Aida, Elijah, Johanna, and others...
Ev:  "Good night pockets."
Me:  "Pockets?  Who is pockets?"
Ev:  "Two pockets."
Me:  "The pockets of your pants?"
Ev:  (casually) "Yea."
Me:  "Ok, Goodnight pockets."

Now first an explanation - a friend brought her newborn to the park a few weeks ago.  I explained to Everett that her girls are big sister and little sister just like he and Pax are big brother and little brother.  He laid by her, looked at her adoringly, patted her head and called her leetle seester and baby seester, talking about her ever since then.  In the car once he randomly said, "baby seester so cute!"  It was funny because the other kids are playing on the playground, and Everett is laying with the baby.  It was really sweet and reminded me of how he used to look at Pax.  Ok, so...

Me:  "Good night Daddy" 
Ev:  "Good night little sister."
Me:  "Good night Lauren."
Ev:  "Good night little sister."
Me:  "Good night Grandpa."  (expecting him to say good night Grandma)
Ev:  "Good night little sister.  Little sister is sooo cute!"

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