Friday, January 29, 2010

First Laughter!

Yaaay!  I've been so excited to hear Everett's first laughs and it was even more exciting than I could have imagined.  First of all, we were BOTH home!  I am so happy that we were all together to share this amazing first.  We were in the kitchen, and Eric was spinning around in circles with Ev.  He spontaneously burst into a big laugh (which made me spontaneously burst into big happy tears).  We were able to reproduce it one more time.  I can't wait to hear it again! 

It was definitely the sweetest sound I have ever heard. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

He's just not that into you...

This was too funny - I'm stealing Jane Froelich's photos for this post. 

Baby Rell:  "Hey, who are you?  Even though you're bald and wear no shoes, I think you're pretty cute.  Come give me a hug!"

Sorry Rell, he's just not that into you...

Eric says: "Oh, he so would be into her if he only had a clue."  :) 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Positive Energy of Babies

I have to give credit for this topic to Matt Sherrill.  We had a great conversation about this last night.  He mentioned how amazing it is that babies have such an influence on the world around them.  It's so true!  Babies are nothing but positive energy.  They have the power to make people smile, behave, be goofy, and just plain love.  Most babies (it is most unfortunate that I cannot say "all") do not yet understand tragedy, sadness (other than the communication of their needs), hatred, etc.

This makes me think about how many of the world's religious writings talk about how we are never tested beyond our means.  I realize that babies are not exempt from this either.  They will experience these things in time, but not until they have the ability to deal with it and process it.  With this thought in mind, I should not be troubled when Everett experiences tests and trials as it will be within his ability to handle it as promised by God and will serve to strengthen his soul.  I'm sure this will be a difficult task for me to not be troubled (a test of my own) -- so I guess we will both be strengthening our souls.  :)

So here is my charge: to foster the positive energy he possesses and make sure this flame only grows stronger.  What a great job!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Isn't it fabulous how silly we get to become as parents?  I feel like I've gotten to reclaim this awesome part of my life - being a kid.  Except *this* time, I really realize how wonderful it is to be a kid.  This morning I had a captive audience to my French accent speaking giraffe (and I don't speak French and really do a horrible French accent).  But hey, for now he doesn't know any different and we both had a great time.  :)

Tell me some of your favorite silly memories with your kids or your parents.  I'd love to hear them!  :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Update on the Sleep Training

Here's the face of a well-rested baby!  One that in fact slept from 9pm-9am waking up only at 5am! (I did not get to partake of that much sleep as I was up worrying that perhaps he had stopped breathing.)

It occurred to me that you may be curious about what kind of training we're doing.  So here it is.  (Note: this is for 11 lb + babies.)  I don't think it's any particular sleep method, but a creation of our pediatrician's, who I am considering to be genius at this point.  The key is keeping them awake and engaged from 4-7pm.  Catnaps are ok, but no major sleeping.  What he does before 4pm as far as sleep doesn't matter.  Then we watch for signs of drowsiness and keep adjusting the bedtime routine to match that time the next night.  Our bedtime routine consists of a bath with Dad, massage with Mom, cuddle time with Dad, and then nursing (with Mom of course!).  Then the goal is to get rid of one feed at a time.  His routine was 11pm, 2-3am, and 5-6am.  So our first goal (along with moving up his bedtime) is to get rid of the 2-3am feeding as he was already dropping that one on his own at times.  We let him cry in his crib for 2 minutes the first night (pissed off cry, not kinda sad cry), increasing by 2 minutes every night until we get to 20 minutes on day 10.  After that time, we go in and try to soothe him without feeding him.  That is a HUGE challenge!  I got a glimpse of the toddler temper tantrum face and it wasn't pretty.  Plus it's hard not to think I'm starving our baby!  Our pediatrician says that usually you don't have to go much over 5 nights before they get it. 

I feel like we have not had to dive fully into sleep training yet.  The first night I was confused because he skipped the 11pm feeding on his own.  I felt like would be hurting him by making him skip another as well.  So I gave in quickly on that one.  And last night (night 2), we didn't have to do it at all (thank you Everett!).  So the question is, tonight do we make him cry 4 minutes or 6 minutes?    I say 4 because he skipped last night.  Eric says 6.  Hmm...we'll see.  Maybe 5.  Eric may change his mind once HE sees the toddler temper tantrum face.  :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cry it out??

Tonight we start sleep training.  I feel about it the way I used to feel about diving off a diving board for the first time.  You know it's going to be fun once you accomplish it, but getting the courage to throw yourself off the board can take some time.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Little Baby is 2 Feet Tall!

Today was Everett's 2 month appointment with the pediatrician.  Here are his latest measurements:

Weight: 12 lb 7 oz! (75th percentile)
Length:  24 1/4 inches! (90+ percentile)
Head circumference: 40.5 cm (50th percentile)

The poor little dude had to get a few shots today.  I never understood why taking children to get shots affected parents so much until these last few months.  I, of course, cried with him as I expected I would.  This experience made me think about all the things my parents have watched happen to my sister and me.  Me getting 7 teeth pulled in 3rd grade and 5 years of braces getting tightened, Lauren flying off her bike and fracturing her skull, Lauren having jaw surgery, perhaps even my c-section, the usual shots, bumps, and bruises, etc.

I've heard about studies that show breastfeeding reduces pain.  I thought about that as I nursed him after his shots, and I think it helped reduce both of our pain.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2 Months Already??

Everett is two months old today!  I can hardly believe it has come so fast.  During week 3 when he was crying and was difficult to console, I thought 8 weeks (when that was supposed to get better) felt like years away.  Luckily, he got much better much quicker than 8 weeks.  It has been such a joy to watch him over this past month as he learned to smile, interact with us, and make those adorable coo's.

Month 2 was a big one!  He got to meet his Uncle Sarmad when he and Lauren visited over Christmas.  He has been to 4 restaurants now and has done extremely well.  I must say we have done extremely well too at mastering (or starting to) the feeding and diaper changing in public.  I was proud to watch Eric walk to the bathroom with Everett and the diaper bag.  I can't remember seeing a man take his baby to the changing table -- though I was never really looking before.  I'm still proud to have such a great husband.  :)  He attended his first devotional at Matt and Rachel's house.  We went to the Trail of Lights and the Botanical Gardens (not so hot in the off season).  His first New Year's Eve party happened this year (though we didn't make it until midnight - I don't think he minded).  He also had his first road trip this past weekend to Grandma and Grandpa's during which he slept 7 hours straight for the first time!  Perhaps the pack-n-play will become his new crib if that's his habit! His first time as a wedding guest was tonight, and again, he did fantastic. 

Everett is in 3 month clothes now.  He is too long for all the newborn clothes and even some 3 month sizes.  He is long and lean and rarely fills the clothes out in the belly.  We go to the pediatrician later this week; I can't wait to see how much he has grown!

We love our little guy so much.  Everyday I feel like I love him the most I could possibly love him and then the next day I love him even more.  Life is so good.  We are so blessed.

Check out Professor McQuack below.  There are more pictures of if you follow the link in the right corner of this page.