Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dancing Pax and the Attention Stealer

Just for the Record

Tonight while running around and screaming with glee. 

Me: "Wow Everett!  You're so happy right now!  I love it!"
Everett: "Vegetables make me HAPPPPPY!!!"

Oh goody.  :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When Pigs Atock

I'm listening to Eric put Everett to bed right now, and I just have to record their latest bedtime shenanigan.  For the past three nights, I hear squeals of laughter at Eric making his toy pig attack Everett accompanied by screams of "I want a pig atock!  Pig atock!"  I know, it seems nightmare-inducing to have a stuffed animal you sleep with attack you, but I assure you it's nothing but the biggest giggles.  I'm pretty sure it's a pig tickle attack.  It's giggles for me downstairs too listening to "attack" pronounced "atock".  Perhaps this is a British tradition I am unaware of.  ;)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Everett's Quotable Quotes of the day

I thought I had published this earlier, but I found it sitting as a draft.  So it's a few weeks old, and not actually "of the [to]day", but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

As I rest my head on Eric's shoulder...
"Don't love him, Mom! He's an old man!"

As Eric is putting Everett to bed...
Eric: "Did you have a fun day with Lauren and Sarmad and Grandma and Grandpa?"
Everett: "Yea. Cause they have FOOD! ... And crayons!"

Denver Botanic Gardens

Why is it not "Botanical"?  I have no idea.  Yesterday we went to check out the Mordecai Children's Garden.  It was pretty awesome except for the sun blazing down on us.  Despite being in the 80's, from a mile high the sun is pretty darn strong.  It feels like we're being fried under a magnifying glass sometimes.  That's really going to be nice come winter.  So the sun drove us away a little early, but we still got to enjoy splashing in a river, climbing up to 1400 feet altitude, feeling different plants, conducting a scavenger hunt, taking shade in a tent, and hunting for bugs...all on the roof of the parking garage.

Mr. Serious with the big gorgeous eyes.

I love this picture from Paxton's sweet little hand on Eric's arm to Eric's protective and loving stance.

Who doesn't love a log to walk through?

Who doesn't love a tent to play in?

"I'm fishing, Mom."

This picture makes me giggle!

Dressing Himself

Everett has been enjoying dressing himself lately.

"They're kinda a little backwards, Mom."

Friday, September 14, 2012

Taking Responsibility

Last week Everett and Paxton went to their first Baha'i children's class.  It was about being responsible.  It has been so awesome talking about being responsible this week with Everett and watching him really grasp the concept.

Just now we were reading this awful library book about the stegosaurus that includes a predator taking away two of a stegasaurus mom's five babies.  After reading it once yesterday, I decided not to read that page today, and Everett took over.

"Oh look, that dinosaur is taking care of the other dinosaur's babies.  He is taking responsibility."

Heehee!  I MUCH prefer his version of the story.  :)

Here are Everett and Paxton taking responsibility for their teeth.  Don't you love how Pax is really going after it!  haha!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dinosaur Bones!

Everett, like many 2 year olds, loves dinosaurs.  We went to the library today, and per his request picked up a book about T Rex.  In the midst of reading it to him for what felt like the tenth time (probably 5th time) today, during a part about finding fossils, he stopped, the lightbulb went on, and he asked..."We can dig them up?...  On a hike?...  Can I get a shovel?"

I remember this exact excitement.  I wanted soooo badly to get a metal detector for my birthday/Christmas/any holiday or reason one year (or two).  My parents, rightfully so, did not give me this gift concerned I would dig up the yard.  And I probably would have for about 3.5 minutes until I realized how HARD it is to actually dig up a yard!  I don't fault them at all for this - perspective and motherhood has made me see they were completely right.  Just noting the yearning to discover treasure and the excitement it brings!

That being said...

We are so lucky!  Dinosaurs actually did live here!  There is a place called Dinosaur Ridge about 30 minutes from us where you can hike alongside dinosaur tracks, see fossils, etc.  There is a trail with 100 million year old fossils and tracks as well as one with 68 million year old tracks!  I can't wait to show Everett!  Let the adventure begin!  I'll take pictures!

P.S. I should note we have been known to pretend we are looking for dinosaur bones in order to get him to move along on a trail while hiking.  We saved a "stegosaurus bone" from the hardest hike he did successfully without being carried.  How great it will be to not be pretending aka fibbing!  ;)