Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pax's BBQ Initiation

Well, it looks my days of a family full of large quantity meat-eating boys is here.  Paxton has FINALLY started sprouting his first tooth, which means REAL FOOD!!!  I've jumped the gun a bit and offered him his first BBQ the other day.  He loved it.  He had turkey, potato salad, beans, and bread, and he was happy as a clam.  :)  Everett regularly eats his weight in Rudy's turkey and potato salad, so we're going to go broke pretty soon. 

Paxton was a little more calm with the bottle of sauce than Everett was on his first visit, but he was still plenty excited to be there.  Here are both of their first-day-at-Rudy's pictures.  We might be a little crazy about BBQ, I realize.  One of Everett's first three syllable words was ba-ba-cuuuue.  :)

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