Friday, February 17, 2012

Stunt Man

Decorating Paxton's DOC band tonight was so much fun for me.  I'm so excited to have something fun on his head now rather than the sterile white that makes people stare as if something is seriously wrong with my baby.  Half of them look curiously, and the other half look at me like I'm an angel to take care of this baby.  Oh, and let me say I love the folks that come up to me and tell me about their child who had a DOC band, and how it was really worth it.  I'll be one of those ladies someday.  So fortunately, it's not anything serious which is now reflected with a little lighthearted decoration.

You can see the Mod Podge drying on these pics.  Sorry - tried to do everything within the hour he gets to take it off.   Of course, I had to add a peace sign since Pax means peace.  :)  I just love how it turned out.  Now hopefully they all stay in place!

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