Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Besties' Birthday Bash

For Everett's birthday this year, he got a very extra special, amazingly awesome treat.  His best friend from Texas, Julian, came for a visit.  It was also Julian's birthday, so it was a treat for both.  They re-bonded instantly and spent the first night screaming with jubilation.  The following day and a half were just as fun, but included a bit less screaming.  We visited the Denver Children's Museum, the Denver Zoo, and a playground.  We made a colorful cake.  There were presents.  There were silly songs.  Eric enjoyed reading them bedtime stories together.  We all had a great time.  In English and Spanish.  :)

There were so many great pictures...hundreds and are just a few.  Aida, I will send you the entire stash shortly, I promise.  :)

Playing with bubbles at the children's museum.
Watching a seal together.

Everett enjoyed pushing Julian around.

Extreme fun at the playground thanks to Aida.

Sweet hugs.

They sat together, and Everett "read" his memorized books to Julian.  It was a very sweet moment, that of course, passed as soon as an adult presented themselves.   

The boys helped me make a colorful cake.  I love this picture because it shows how messy it was to pour all the colors in.  Hah!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Eat a Meal

How to Eat According to Paxton:
Step 1: Gobble your food.
Step 2: Play with what's left.  Make sure some lands on the floor.
Step 3: Squeal and indicate you are finished.
Step 4: Look cute and grunt until Dad picks you up, and then eat his meal too.

How to Eat According to Everett:
Step 1: Refuse dinner at all costs.  Hold out for something else.  Don't even go to the table; it shows weakness.
Step 2: Nothing else is being given.  Make sure there's a reward coming.
Step 3: Take tiny bites if and only if cake or something equally appealing is promised.