Thursday, January 10, 2013

18 month old Paxton

You'll forgive me, Paxton will be 19 months in a few days, so I'm a little behind.  We had his 18 month well-check at the beginning of this month, and he is doing well.  I find it so amazing how rapid the growth is in the first few years of life that now with 20 months between them, Everett and Paxton have only 4 inches that separate them. 

Height: 34.75 inches (97%)
Weight: 25.5 lbs (65%)
Head Circumference:  (90%tile!!!!!!!!!!)

Ok, so hopefully that head will even out over time.  hah! 

In the past few days Pax has really shown some major frustration with not being able to get his point across.  Hopefully that will spur him onward in the verbal department.  Just yesterday he said a two-syllable "apple" and this morning "gecko" (while reading a book - geckos aren't exactly everyday conversation around here).  He's trying a lot more now as well to get words out, so it will be fun to see what develops over the next few months. 

I've started leaving the boys at the gym childcare this month.  I feel terrible because Pax cries when I leave them and cries when I get back.  I suspect he may stop somewhere in the hour as usually it's a burst into tears at the sight of me thing.  I get to watch on the tv surveillance of the childcare.  It's a blessing and a curse.  First I watched Everett sitting on the floor not playing, not doing anything and Paxton crying while being pushed in a stroller.  Curse.  THEN I saw Everett sitting next to Paxton in the stroller comforting him and rocking the stroller.  BLESSING!  I've decided that it's been a good thing, though difficult, to give them this bonding opportunity.  They really have shown some more closeness since starting this.  For that, as well as for the exercise, I am grateful.  :)