Friday, February 3, 2012

Pax at 7 1/2 Months

So I'm between months, but I figure while I'm thinking of it is the best time!

Paxton has been doing so much lately.  He has a wonderfully calm demeanor interspersed with very quick screams of frustration if he isn't getting what he wants (dinner is gone, can't eat the grass, big brother took his toy, etc).  It's so short-lived that it's a little humorous and definitely cute (for now).  How nice that in comparison to the two-year-old protests, it just ends up funny. 

Pax is full of big peals of laughter (especially at the sight of Daddy or the bathtub), lots of crawling, pulling up, and a little cruising.  He has had so much tummy time trying to round out his head that his mobility is really amazing.  Unfortunately, despite all the activity, he still has a flat head.  He will be getting a helmet next week to help correct that.  I'll do a blog post with all that when we get it on him. 

No teeth yet.  Waiting, waiting, waiting, hoping that they will bring a better ability to eat (small, mushy) finger foods.  He does best with purees for now.

Paxton and Everett have been having fun together.  They have a really sweet relationship in which Everett is extremely caring toward Paxton and Paxton is very happy to see Everett.  Everett likes to say things like "happy [to] see you!", "[good] moooorning Pax!", and "issokay Pax" while rubbing his head.  I often find him rubbing Pax's head like it's a Buddha belly.  His friend, Julian, has picked up on this too, so when they're all together Pax's head gets a lot of love.  Or those two get a lot of luck. 

Fun with Daddy and Brother

Practicing wearing a hat before the helmet comes.

Actively participating in a family hike.

Storytime with Daddy.

Only one of us got out of our pajamas for an early morning grocery run.  He is such a great shopping buddy.  We had a lot of fun, and I was energized for the rest of the day despite getting up at 5am.


  1. Amazing pictorial...but...that picture of your husband and Paxton during storytime trumps any other picture (except, maybe, the one chewing on a stick at the Capitol). How adorable....Priceless...

  2. such a sweet update! can't believe how big your boys are getting! we're thinking about coming to Austin next month or in April. would love to try and come see you guys!!!! :)

    look forward to hearing how the helmet goes. sorry tummy time didn't help out. i'm sure he'll do great. the hat looked like it went well! :)