Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thoughtful Everett

I know I have mentioned this once or twice before, but I am more and more impressed with Everett's thoughtfulness.  He touches our hearts, and I hope so much that we can foster this amazing attribute into adulthood.  Here are some examples that I'd love to read about in years to come...

-Today as Everett and Dad were sitting down to cuddle in front of a show, Ev got his own Gee (blankie) and then got up saying "Da Gee, Da Gee," repeat, repeat, repeat.  He came back in the room carrying the blanket Eric's Grandma made him as well as Pax's Gee.  He had trouble figuring out what Mama's Gee would be.  :)

-We try to play often with his best buddy, Julian.  On one occasion when Julian was sad to be leaving the park, Everett patted his back, put his face in front of Julian's, and said "issokay Ju-ee, issokay" a few times.  On another occasion, he brought Julian his water - here's the amazing part - without drinking it himself!  haha!

-When Pax is upset he likes to pat his head and say "issokay Pa".  He also asks "okay Pa?" when Pax coughs. 

-Today he brought Dad his Gatorade, looking all through the house for him saying "Da Drink!"

-He loves to help and volunteers by saying, "Help me!" which actually doesn't mean that he needs help, but rather that "me" is going to help.  Pronouns are a little backwards right now.

And my favorite:
-Yesterday during a tantrum, Everett threw his head at mine.  I involuntarily yelled a loud "OW!" when his head hit my nose, which caused him to scream louder and an octave higher.  Dad took over from there.  When all was calm again, Dad explained that Mommy has an owie because he hurt me while he was upset.  He replied, "Get Band-aid, Mama!"  So he brought me a band-aid with the sweetest look of concern and melted my heart.

Here is a video or Everett feeding Pax.  I did not suggest or encourage this in any way.  He just took the initiative and did it.  Luckily, it went well, and nobody got gagged.  haha!

And here is my narrative/translation if needed: Ev says "Mmm! Good! Pax." On the second bite, Pax attempts to grab the spoon, and Ev says, "No, no, no, no." Then "Eat, Pax." The Uh-oh is because of the food on Pax's face, and he is running to get a towel.  :)

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