Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Besties Take on the Capitol

In the aforementioned glorious afternoon spent at the Texas Capitol, Everett got to run around with his best friend, Julian, eat snacks galore, feed imaginary squirrels Cheez-Its, laugh, kick balls, etc.  They had a blast with each other as always.  And Pax finally got someone to play with too!  Johanna and Elijah came to play, and we all had such a fun time together.  Elijah was so sweet toward Pax, and they interacted as much as a 7 month old and one year old can.  I look forward to seeing that friendship grow.

Everett is always happy when "Ju-ee" is around.

Aida has the cookies power.

Pax and Elijah trying to ingest more grass and leaves than their moms would like.

Ev and Julian, the alphabet scholars, pointing out letters in English and Spanish.  Everett learned at least 3 words in Spanish today.

This is why it took us forever to leave.  We had to stop and look at every who-knows-what and leaf on the way out.

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  1. yay!! so cute. man, pax has changed SO much since we saw him last. getting to be such a big man! and elijah is so cute! glad they all have best buds down there near you!! :)