Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kindness and Love Live On

At the moment I am struck at how our actions have repercussions through the lives of others during and after our lives in this world.  I'm pretty sure Eric's Grandmother Keahey just helped her great grandson, Paxton, just by living a good life.  I never got to the chance to meet her as she passed away at the beginning of our marriage and was taken by dementia already at that point.  She was a teacher in Temple, TX for many years.

So today I have been extremely frustrated trying to get a piece of information out of our insurance company.  I have called so many different places, and nobody can help.  A common story, I know.  Somehow I ended up talking to this nice woman at the children's hospital in Temple.  She decided against further transferring me and took down my name and number to find out who I need to talk to and call me back.  "I had a geometry teacher named Mrs. Keahey," she said!  "Yes, her name was Helen!"  We chatted a little, and she told me how much she was helped by Mrs. Keahey.  She came early, stayed late, and was devoted to her students.  I can't help but wonder if Helen's kindness and devotion to this student so many years ago is prompting her to take those extra steps to help her family now. 

Food for thought as we go through our lives.

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