Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

Last night, Eric and I had a lovely date night at P.F. Chang's.  We began talking about the Chinese Zodiac, and handy wikipedia gave me each year's motto.  Hilariously, they fit extremely well...

Everett and Eric - both born in the year of the ox.  Motto:  "I persevere."  This could not be more true of both of them.

Pax - born in the year of the rabbit, or more accurately the hare.  Motto: "I relax."  We had a good chuckle at this, because Pax is definitely our relaxed baby.

Me - born in the year of the monkey.  Motto: "I entertain."  I don't know if this was really fitting prior to having kids, but it definitely fits me now.  I (and all moms, really) do nothing but entertain all day.  From singing Old MacDonald and the ABC's to doing silly dances and making crazy noises and faces...did I mention this can be seen in public?  I get requests.  I can't let my fans down.  ;)

This is the year of the dragon.  It's motto: "I reign."  I think this calls for some iron chef competitions.  The secret ingredient?  Gagoos!


  1. So now I really read it- so fitting indeed!!! And that secret ingredient...yummmmm....

  2. So cute and funny. Noah is totally our relaxed and zen baby boy, too. I love reading zodiac and personality stuff!