Monday, August 29, 2011

Pa Pa and Kiki

Last week, we were lucky enough to spend the entire week with my parents. Through toddler tantrums and sleep strikes, they did not kick us out. Despite their request to be called Darth Vader and Princess Lea, Everett has named them Pa pa, which is more like pa PAAAA, and Kiki! We will continue to reinforce "Grandma" and "Grandpa", but it's pretty cute in the meantime. :)  Here are some highlights from our visit.

Grandpa took some time off of work and took us to the Dallas Aquarium, the Children's Museum, and an awesome aquarium at Grapevine Mills. Everett had a blast watching the fish and playing with everything (water in particular) at the Children's museum. I really loved seeing the manatees at the Dallas Aquarium, but most of all loved watching Everett's exuberant excitement!!! Pax slept most of the time, which was really nice as well. :)

There was lots of time spent in the pool. Everett learned the words pool and swimsuit among others he picked up along the way. As a side note, today is day 74 of over 100 degree weather this summer. Whew!

Pax laughed for the first time! And another two times! It was so awesome. One of those times, Everett actually made him laugh by doing an exercise from yoga in which he pumps Pax's arms to and fro and says "choo choo". We call it choo choo arms. Pax was cracking up! It was the first time I saw them really interact with each other, and I just loved it.

Though Everett pretty strongly refused naps and bedtime, he DID open his mind to some new foods!  One struggle yielded to another.   He began this streak by gobbling down broccoli, saying "more! more!" while our mouths gaped open in shock.

And the quote of the week goes to my mom. While looking at Paxton..."I think I'm going to look like that someday. You know, with my cheeks resting on my shirt."

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