Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun New Developments

Well, it seems both boys took a developmental leap at the same time.  This past week has seen some fun new words, activities, and smiles from everyone.

Paxton will be 8 weeks old tomorrow.  Over the last week, he has been responding to us and delighting us with big smiles.  Such a joy to see these.  He can hold his head up high in tummy time, and rolls belly to back with some effort.  Though he is not a fan of regular naps yet, he is sleeping 9-10 hour stretches at night, with an additional 2-3 hours after nursing.  What a blessing!  We moved him into the guest room, which is next to Everett's room, and luckily they haven't bothered each other with their noise yet.  I adore his big scrumptious cheeks and kiss them as much as I can.  My favorite thing to do when bathing Pax is massage his face so that I can mash around those cheeks and cause him to make some really funny faces.  Haha!

Everett is 21.5 months old.  He has had an awesome verbal leap over the past few days.  All of a sudden he is surprising us pulling out more words and really cute pronunciations.  Potato = pa-tote-tee.  My favorite.  :)  He makes simple sentences, usually about something falling down.  "Oh no!  Boppee down!" = oh no!  The water spilled!  Another great one is "no, no, no ka" pointing to the crayon mark on the wall and shaking his head = don't color on the walls.  :)

His favorite thing to do right now is play in water.  Since it's about 106 degrees everyday, we set up a towel in the kitchen with bowls, cups, and spoons, and he has a blast.  He also loves dinosaurs and requests to watch "saur choo-choo", Dinosaur Train, a PBS show.  Side note:  I have really learned a lot about dinosaurs.  :)

Ev is much more gentle with Pax now.  He wipes his mouth with the burp cloths, pats his belly when he is upset, and says "oh no!!!" when he cries over the monitor.  He did have a hard time for one night when we moved Pax next door to him.  He cried for awhile before going to sleep - not sure why that change was hard for him.  Hopefully we don't have to move him to a big boy bed too soon as he has demonstrated change DOES affect him right now.  We'll try not to alter his world TOO much more at this point.  I really love seeing Everett communicate with us more easily, and I love his conversations with himself in the car.  I really wish I knew what he was saying as it seems quite intricate and interesting.  He has a great sense of humor in his play as well, putting a funnel over his hand and poking me and the cat with it, pretending to feed the Elmo on his plate, etc.  Every day seems to bring something new and funny from him.  I can't wait to see what these two come up with together in about a year.

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