Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Everett at 22 Months

Two months shy of two years old?!  How in the world did this happen?  *sigh*

Some things Everett is into these days:

-WATER!  Or BOPPEE! as he calls it.  He loves to play in the sprinkler, play at the sink, help give Pax's bath, play in his own bath, water plants, pour water between containers, basically anything having to do with water. 

-He seems to pull out a few new words everyday lately.  It is SO cool to hear the stuff he comes up with!  He is stringing two words together lately.  It's usually "more (insert food item here)" or "bye-bye (insert person or inanimate object here)".  He much more readily repeats words he is hearing now, and I can hear him practicing them sometimes when he is alone in his crib.  So cute.  :)

-Regarding food - sometimes he's picky, sometimes not.  Who knows.  Toddlers are a mystery sometimes.  Just because he gobbled two pounds of broccoli one night, doesn't mean he'll touch it another night.

-He's really active - climbing, running, etc.  I barely have to help him anymore on the playground, and am mostly there as a safety net.  I read recently that some kids work on verbal skills first, others work on motor skills.  He's definitely a motor skills first kind of person.

-He adores his baby brother.  When Pax cries, he says "sad", gives him a few pats on the stomach or back, and kisses his head.  It is important to him to kiss Pax goodnight and to say hi in the morning.  I can't wait to see this relationship flourish over the years.  It's already so sweet.

Don't worry.  He doesn't ACTUALLY drink grande Starbucks drinks.  He tries reaaaally hard to get out a few last drops when I'm done.  :)

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  1. 1st comment ever on a blog- I love my mental picture of Ev practicing words when alone. I thought J was the only one doing so :) He's been practicing Jirafa for a little while, and he's down to 'chifá chifá'. And Starbucks should split the cost of Cornell for Ev for being their cutest spoketoddler...