Friday, August 12, 2011

Everettspeak and Funnies

Love these verbal leaps!  Today Everett said his name for the first time that I know of!  It was so exciting!  Both boys were sitting in my lap, and he started naming us off...Pa, Mama, Ewewett.  Wow!  So cool.

And here's him yesterday as we were driving out of the garage...

Da-da boppee (bye-bye water)
Da-da zee (bye-bye fish)
Da-da Mama
     What?  I'm right here, Ev!  But glad to know I made it after the water and the fish.
Da-da Daa (Dad)

And as we're leaving today...

Da-da poo (it's exactly what it sounds like - hah!!!)

And finally, something funny that happened the other day.  He took his snack of goldfish crackers and placed them in the water he was playing with.  I stepped away to tend to the laundry, and when I returned, this is what I saw...

So he really learned a lot by this experience.  Goldfish can't swim.  They get soggy when wet.  Then you can't eat them.  He can't reach the sink to dump them in.  And when trying, they dump ON him!  And when you have soggy goldfish all over your body, your mom makes you wait while she grabs her phone to take a picture first because it's just too funny!  The one on his face just cracks me up so hard!!!

One I must add from just now when getting him up from a nap...
Me: "I love you so much Everett.  Do you know how to say 'I love you?'"
Everett: "mama daa"  (Mama Dad)


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