Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Well Rested Baby

When Everett first shocked us with an amazing night of sleep we took a picture of that well rested baby face (click for Everett's post).  I thought since Paxton blessed us with this amazing feat last night, he should have a well rested baby picture too (or three).  :) 

Not only is he sleeping long stretches, but I put him in bed awake and he actually goes to sleep on his own!  I never believed that was possible when reading the sleep experts recommend it.  Not sure if Everett wasn't able or if I didn't give him the chance. 

We are doing the same sleep training method, except this time we already knew what to do.  Instead of waiting to be instructed at our 2 month pediatrician visit, the only thing we waited for was the scale to say 11 lbs.  ;)  When I look back at that blog post and see that Everett slept from 9pm-9am with one wakeup, I think to myself, "9am?  When is the last time I got to sleep until 9am?  Probably that day!"  Paxton slept from 7pm-7am with one wakeup at 4am.  Awesome.  You can see we have scaled our sleep times earlier as we don't know what it's like to sleep until 9am anymore. 

I love this expression.  I wish I could come up with some hilarious caption.


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  1. Good job, Mama and Go Pax! I didn't do anything different w/ my babies and Asher slept terribly until 9 month and Mc slept great until about 3.5 months. You are getting up less with Pax than I am with Mc on some nights! Gah! I keep waiting for the scale to say 15 lbs(Mc is such a peanut!) but then again I know this time atround sleep issues won't last forever so i think I am more patient.