Monday, January 11, 2010

Update on the Sleep Training

Here's the face of a well-rested baby!  One that in fact slept from 9pm-9am waking up only at 5am! (I did not get to partake of that much sleep as I was up worrying that perhaps he had stopped breathing.)

It occurred to me that you may be curious about what kind of training we're doing.  So here it is.  (Note: this is for 11 lb + babies.)  I don't think it's any particular sleep method, but a creation of our pediatrician's, who I am considering to be genius at this point.  The key is keeping them awake and engaged from 4-7pm.  Catnaps are ok, but no major sleeping.  What he does before 4pm as far as sleep doesn't matter.  Then we watch for signs of drowsiness and keep adjusting the bedtime routine to match that time the next night.  Our bedtime routine consists of a bath with Dad, massage with Mom, cuddle time with Dad, and then nursing (with Mom of course!).  Then the goal is to get rid of one feed at a time.  His routine was 11pm, 2-3am, and 5-6am.  So our first goal (along with moving up his bedtime) is to get rid of the 2-3am feeding as he was already dropping that one on his own at times.  We let him cry in his crib for 2 minutes the first night (pissed off cry, not kinda sad cry), increasing by 2 minutes every night until we get to 20 minutes on day 10.  After that time, we go in and try to soothe him without feeding him.  That is a HUGE challenge!  I got a glimpse of the toddler temper tantrum face and it wasn't pretty.  Plus it's hard not to think I'm starving our baby!  Our pediatrician says that usually you don't have to go much over 5 nights before they get it. 

I feel like we have not had to dive fully into sleep training yet.  The first night I was confused because he skipped the 11pm feeding on his own.  I felt like would be hurting him by making him skip another as well.  So I gave in quickly on that one.  And last night (night 2), we didn't have to do it at all (thank you Everett!).  So the question is, tonight do we make him cry 4 minutes or 6 minutes?    I say 4 because he skipped last night.  Eric says 6.  Hmm...we'll see.  Maybe 5.  Eric may change his mind once HE sees the toddler temper tantrum face.  :)


  1. AWESOME!!! that's such great news! we had a bedtime routine, too. jacob started sleeping through the night at 3 months. pure. bliss. :)

    ps- i say 5 minutes. :)

  2. he is doing sooo well! alana didnt sleep longer than a 5h stretch till she was 2 months

  3. I'm paralyzed.... by cutenesss.... can't... type

  4. Hey Jen! It's Dr. Dudley at Lone Star Pediatric. They are across from North Austin Medical Center (very close to Yoga) and also in Cedar Park at 620.