Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Everybody Loves Red Chicken"

Today we had a most lovely dinner. At 5pm. We GOT there at 5pm. We must have a baby, huh? :) There were three other couples there when we arrived. Perfect! We went to The Clay Pit, an upscale Indian restaurant in Austin. In our humble opinion they have the best korma around. Our dinner actually spanned 2 hours and Everett was the best baby ever. Humble, I know. :)

Eric and Everett really bonded over some tandoori chicken. Eric was continually feeding the chicken chunks when I attempted to give Everett a bite of chicken with lettuce on the fork as well. He pulled his head back and looked at the fork with a face that said, "whaaaat is THAT?" in more of a "you don't expect me to eat that" kind of way than a quizzical way. He put the forkful in his mouth and promptly removed the lettuce dramatically throwing it to the ground turning to Dad for the next bite. We thought it was hilarious. So if he never eats a salad, you can trace it back to this night and us encouraging him as we found his refusal hysterical.

The next hysterical thing was when he had a labored bowel movement at the table. If you've ever seen a kid take a poop in his diaper, you know the face I'm talking about. How funny that you can do that at the table of a fancy restaurant. Let's face it - babies can do whatever they want. We rock-paper-scissored it out for the diaper change. I lost, and it's a good thing because this one was for experts only.

And then we had a peaceful and leisurely drive home. As cars flew by on I-35, Eric watched his gas mileage rack up from the far right lane. Ever since we've gotten a hybrid with wood trim he's been driving like a Grandpa (no offense Dad). I blame the hybrid and the wood trim equally. You see it has a screen that displays all of our fancy stats, and he gets great satisfaction watching us get 99.9 miles per gallon. As a frugalista, I fully understand this. I just do not understand that this happened to my husband who fully enjoys his MazdaSpeed. Though THAT car has red baseball stitching instead of wood trim. ;)

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  1. Forest and I recently bought a Subaru Outback which they call Partial Zero Emissions (I understand how little that makes sense.) Anyway it also has a little gauge that tells you how efficiently you are using the gas. Forest is also obsessed with watching the gauge and driving when its in the green - most efficient - zone. It was slightly infuriating at first bc the vehicle drives at fast speeds so dreamily, but now my practical side has one out and I love the feature too!!