Monday, September 27, 2010

We Made It!

Ahh, home sweet home.  It's always nice to make it home after a trip, but when you're traveling with a baby, the words "we made it!" mean so much more!

Walking through an airport with a baby, I usually feel like I'm carrying a bomb or something equally offensive.  Most people look at you, not with the "your-baby-is-so-precious" eyes, but with the "you're-not-on-MY-flight-are-you?" eyes.  And once they've realized that you are, it's the "you're-not-sitting-next-to-ME-are-you?" eyes.  Everytime he starts fussing, my inner voice hears everyone else's inner voice saying "oh no, heeere we go."  The woman behind us on the flight today asked the flight attendant for aspirin.  Even though Everett was sleeping I just knew it was her preparing for his commotion.  Ok, maybe I jump to conclusions, but I just hate inconveniencing other people that don't think my baby is just too adorable for words.

We attempted to cause less of a commotion putting Everett to bed at the hotel after the wedding.  We had a genius plan to change him into his pajamas before we leave, and then just sweep him from the carseat to the crib.  Everett peed all over those plans.  Literally.  And on his Dad too. 

Here are a few not helpful things that commonly happen on a trip.
 - In the hotel, there is almost always a person that says sweetly, "Oooh, hello cutie pie.  I heard you this morning."  I don't think they realize how much that makes me feel like crap.
 - Turning to look when Everett is crying on the plane.  That doesn't help.  But thanks for your concern.  Was that concern?  Hmm.

Well, it was a great trip.  Sorry for the negativity.  But as a friend pointed out - it's about being real not about always showing the perfect side.  I'll blog more about that later and include some pictures, but now I'm going to relax.  Everett has been sleeping for hours.  Poor baby - we disrupted his sleep schedule big time.  But he still wins the "award for good travel" according to a man on our flight.  Yay!  THAT was a very helpful thing to tell me.  :)

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