Monday, September 27, 2010

Canada, Part 3

There is nothing more glorious than coming home to 70 degree weather with a sleeping baby.  Everett came back from this trip with leg rolls.  And here's why: HE EATS LIKE A GROWN MAN!  For breakfast every morning he ate (voraciously) a half a bagel, a waffle, and yogurt.  There may have been more in there.  It's all a blur of mountains of food at this point.  I split most of my food half and half with him, and I was full way before he was.  It's startling sometimes.

Our trip started off with time spent in Detroit.  We first met my sister who flew in from Denver.   Then we got to see a long time high school friend whom we haven't seen in many years.  It was so good to see you, Matt Rudy, and meet your wonderful wife.  Then we got to have brunch with a good friend from Dallas, Arash, who is doing his residency in Detroit.  These visits were so wonderful. 

Then we drove to Canada, where the border patrol man wanted to know how we could possibly be related to someone in Canada.  How strange, I know.  Our trip to Canada was for my cousin, Marna's, wedding.  (Part 3 because it is the 3rd visit over the last few years to Canada for a cousin's wedding -- not the same cousin, don't worry.  Sisters.  And also for the theater theme...hang with me one minute.)  Marna's now husband, Paul, is fantastic.  We got to spend a little time with them both when we visited Sturgeon Bay a few months ago.  They both are entrenched in the theater world, and therefore, fittingly, they had a theater-themed wedding.  The ceremony was held on stage.  There was a narrative about how they met and the things they enjoy together while objects to symbolize the story were placed in a suitcase on stage.  Tables had to sing for their dinner at the reception.  Oh, and my favorite part was that Marna and her dad walked down the aisle while one of her bridesmaids sang so beautifully, "'Til There Was You" from The Music Man.  When I say "sang beautifully," I mean give you shivers and make you wanna cry beautiful.  But I'm a sap at weddings and usually have to think about something else a few times during a ceremony to keep from weeping like a baby.

We met my parents in Canada, and it is always wonderful to see them.  Everett was so happy to see his Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Lauren.  And I think it was mutual.  :)

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