Sunday, September 19, 2010


Everett did so many new things today! The first of which started at the very beginning of our day. I got him up in the morning, put him on the changing table, and he promptly shook his head "no". Oh really? This is not his most favorite part of the day. This is when he's anxious for some food and doesn't care what's been sitting in his diaper for the past 13 hours. Eww! While learning to say "no" is not going to be my most favorite thing in the world, I am still so proud of the ability to express himself like this.

The next new thing was climbing up onto the fireplace hearth! Great new skill for our monkey boy. I'm just worried about how in the world he'll get down if I'm not there to do it for him. (not walking yet)

And another thing. He has really been hating his bath lately, so I bought a bathtime book. It's waterproof and involves washing the animals with a washcloth. Eric has been reading it to him for the past few nights, and tonight when I opened the book he grabbed the washcloth and started to "wash the duckies" with no prompting. Amazing! He's learning things so fast, and it is so fun to watch.

And finally, what I am most proud of. From the day we brought him home, it has been a goal of mine (among others - I'm not crazy) to give Everett the gift of rhythm. I have no idea if this is an innate or learned quality, but I feel like it's vital to the fun things in life. Music, dancing, coordination, etc. I've had music on, danced with him, sung to him, drummed with him, etc. If there is a song on, I'll try to drum a simple form of the rhythm for him to hear. Today while watching Sesame Street, he actually started dancing in rhythm to the music. And earlier in the day he was drumming (he does that a lot) on beat with some music. I love it!!! And I really love to see him shake it! It's so cute. :)

Ooh, ooh, just one more thing. Lately Everett and Frankie (the cat) have become buddies! They started out ignoring each other. Then Frank was not that interested as Everett's interest grew, though he was always concerned if Everett was crying. And now, despite Everett's attack hugs and tail death grips, they actually enjoy being near each other. So sweet. I really enjoy watching Everett get excited to see Frank every morning.

Of course all this new stuff happened while Eric worked a day shift today. At least he didn't start walking.

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