Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breastfeeding is Fresh!

It's not often I voluntarily go outside in 100 degree weather at the noon hour with a 98.6 degree baby strapped to me in a very hot baby carrier.  But to support breastfeeding and participate in a flash mob?!  Heck yeah!  Plus there was a "Breastfeeding is Fresh" t-shirt in it for me, and you probably know how I feel about free stuff.

[flash mob = a group of people that gather at a designated location to do something unexpected.]

              It's always a good idea to stretch before dancing.
Basically, supporters of breastfeeding (moms, dads, kids, grandparents, etc.) gathered in the park and did a choreographed dance to gather attention.  You can see it here.  It was a lot of fun, and Ev was a trooper through the heat.

The words to the rap are:

I want a drink right now,
I'm a babe and I came to get down.
And it's internationally known,
the best drink for me is sitting right at home.
It comes from my mom and she always has plenty.
Perfectly nutritious, doesn't cost a penny.
Everything I need to fight off infection.
Teaches me how to make human connections.
A little bit of magic, not hocus pocus.
It's my mom's smile where my eyes like to focus.
And as I stare at my mom, I know it is true.
Happiness is the bond between me and you.

It takes two to make a thing go ri-ight.
It takes two to make it out of sight...

This flash mob's got a real funky concept.
We think mother nature deserves our respect.
And that mother's milk is the greatest of gifts.
Only she can make a formula that constantly shifts.
To what a baby needs every time he eats.
A new composition designed to keep
ahead of the challenges coming tomorrow
This delicate balance doesn't come in a bottle.
We're not trying to judge, please understand this.
We realize there are lots of circumstances
That make feeding a baby an open debate
We're here to give awareness and educate
Cause advertisers don't always tell you the facts.
Especially about what it is a product lacks.
Healthier, cheaper, faster, cleaner
Hands down the breast is the best baby feeder.

And now a few words about the purpose:

As a nurse, mother, and citizen, I care about breastfeeding.  And you should to!  Here's why.  For some strange reason, it has become taboo in our culture to use our breasts as they are intended.  Did you know that, according to the USDA, "a minimum of $3.6 billion would be saved if breastfeeding were increased from current levels (64 percent in-hospital, 29 percent at 6 months) to those recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General (75 and 50 percent)."  According to the World Health Organization, "A lack of exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months of life contributes to over a million avoidable child deaths each year."  Breastmilk carries antibodies that formula does not contain, it's environmentally friendly as there is less waste, it saves money, it reduces the risk of ovarian and breast cancer in the mother, it reduces obesity rates for mothers and children, and for adults breastfed as children it often reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. The American Academy of Pediatrics currently recommends breastfeeding for one year. 

Some food (ahem) for thought next time you see a woman breastfeeding in public.
-some babies refuse to nurse under a cover.  They pull it off.  They get hot.  They don't understand modesty.  How does it feel to eat under the covers of your bed?
-there are rarely chairs in the bathroom.  And there are germs galore.  Would you like to take your lunch to the public bathroom and eat it there?  Nursing can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes.  Try standing up and holding a 20 pound weight in front of you for 30 minutes.  And in the bathroom?  No thanks.  Nursing a baby can be a very lonely thing if you are constantly having to leave.
-she is probably self-conscious and would rather NOT be doing this in front of everyone
-her baby would be screaming his/her head off otherwise
-and for God's sake, if you're at Starbucks, and a mom is standing there with her babe, don't hog the comfy chairs

Thank you! :)  Had to get it off my, um, chest.  ;)

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