Friday, July 30, 2010

"It will change on a dime..."

Several different people have reassured Eric that Everett's mommy phase will "change on a dime" in his favor.  And then of course, EVERYTHING changes on a dime in these first years of life!  Today was so strange.  There was a dime and he turned in a matter of a few hours.  We started our day with baby storytime at the library with friends.  It was so much fun, and Everett had a blast as always.

The Three Amigos

A little after we got home, Everett attached himself to me for a few hours, crying intermittently.  I suspected teething, gave medicine, teether toys, etc. 

And then halfway through feeding him pureed beets and greens, he pulls a Popeye and comes to life!  There's more intense than usual squealing, smiling, talking, laughing, motion.  I can't even describe it adequately.  All of a sudden, the little guy has stronger opinions on what he wants and is delivering clear deliberate actions to express this!  It was so bizarre and so neat!  And so very 9 months as these kiddos start to develop and express their sense of independence at this age.  To top it all off, he was totally content being held and soothed by daddy.  It's amazing what beets and greens will do! 

Another exciting development in the last few days:  mastering of the sippy cup.  Yay!  That was a real frustration for me.  I thought he'd never get it!  This sets us up to get ready for weaning once he can drink cows milk (12 months).

Now go eat your beets and greens!

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  1. how exciting! that sippy cup business is tough, way to go everett...the sailor man! :)