Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"My what an active baby..."

That's what they said at Everett's ultrasound before he was born. And it continues to be true. He is constantly moving - squirming, crawling, jumping, pulling up on things, etc. He seems to express a significant amount of frustration when his desires for activity exceed his abilities. That's all preface to this...

I really love the cuddle time we get. As you can infer from above, it is short-lived and not terribly often. Right now, E is in the midst of a battle - him vs. his two front teeth. He has the same massive runny nose he experienced with the bottom two (along with other typical teething symptoms), so it's only a matter of time. While teething, he doesn't sleep as well, and I typically have to go feed him during the night. While it can be hard to see him hurting and hard to wake up when I don't want to, it is not hard to go relish in some cuddle time with my typically squirmy little man. This is just another one of those parenting moments that come with an assortment of emotion.

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