Friday, June 25, 2010

Four Years!

Today marks four years of marriage for Eric and me. I am so happy life brought us both to work at Brackenridge hospital so that we could meet, fall in love, and start our family. Our home is full of love and laughter, especially since Everett's arrival. I am a lucky woman.

Everett gave us the most wonderful anniversary presents today. He has been making lots of different sounds, and we're starting to guess some of it has meaning. While on vacation earlier this week he looked right at me and said "ba" while we were talking about the bath. Maybe coincidence - who knows? He definitely had more intention in his face when he said it compared to when he babbles. He has not reproduced it though.

But today - oh man, TODAY - he looked at me and said very clearly, "mom"! Of course this brought happy tears to my eyes as it was so sweet on the ears. When Everett sees Eric now he says "dadadadadadada", and we think he is doing it purposefully.

So, first word we understand - bath? Second word - Mom? Hard to say at this point, but it appears to be so. If "dadadadada" is intentional, then that comes in first by far.

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  1. happy anniversary guys!!! you are a beautiful and wonderful couple that makes beautiful and wonderful babies! :)