Friday, June 11, 2010

Growing Up

Today we graduated to the Crawlers & Toddlers yoga class! We can still attend the postnatal classes, but it's really just me continually pulling Everett away from the other babies, some very new and fragile. Not so much fun. Not so much yoga.

This new class was just what we needed. Here he has the freedom to roam and explore the space and the other kids. It was a new experience for both of us, and it stirred in me some feelings of slight unease and sadness as I watched my baby crawl away from me. It was so interesting to see the personalities of the different kids. Some hanging out on their mom's lap, some tentatively watching the other kids, others totally uninterested in anything other than the safe space around mom. And then there's my child and two other boys that immediately travel toward the center of the room and "play" with each other (stare at each other and crawl in circles). As Everett traveled away from me without looking back I had visions of dropping him off at Kindergarten in 4.5 years. It made me sad!

Until after playing for awhile he looked back at me. His face showed a sudden realization that he was further from me than he thought. His sad little crying face peering around the child obscuring me from view was both a sweet and sad sight. So he still needs me after all.

p.s. In case you're curious, Everett's New Food Friday was Patty Pan Squash, which he loved. Good news as Texas' squash harvest is always in abundance!

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