Friday, June 25, 2010

First Family Vacation!

Earlier this week we took advantage of Eric's here and there work schedule and vacationed in the "Texas Hill Country". This was for a couple reasons - to celebrate our 4 year anniversary (which is today!), to take our first family vacation, and to see what we can learn before we travel by plane to Wisconsin next month. We had a nice relaxing time, and probably caught up on our sleep from the last 7 months plus some. (Not that we're losing that much sleep these days. Thank you Everett for sleeping 13 hours straight at night - we love you very much.) Here are some pictures from our trip.

This is the view from our hotel room.
There's (almost) always big fun at bathtime.
We stopped at a beautiful park on our way.
The water was actually really pretty before stirring up the bottom.

Totally normal to do naked laps in the hotel before bathtime. Right?

There are more pictures in our picasa 7-8 month album here.

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