Sunday, January 3, 2010

2 Months Already??

Everett is two months old today!  I can hardly believe it has come so fast.  During week 3 when he was crying and was difficult to console, I thought 8 weeks (when that was supposed to get better) felt like years away.  Luckily, he got much better much quicker than 8 weeks.  It has been such a joy to watch him over this past month as he learned to smile, interact with us, and make those adorable coo's.

Month 2 was a big one!  He got to meet his Uncle Sarmad when he and Lauren visited over Christmas.  He has been to 4 restaurants now and has done extremely well.  I must say we have done extremely well too at mastering (or starting to) the feeding and diaper changing in public.  I was proud to watch Eric walk to the bathroom with Everett and the diaper bag.  I can't remember seeing a man take his baby to the changing table -- though I was never really looking before.  I'm still proud to have such a great husband.  :)  He attended his first devotional at Matt and Rachel's house.  We went to the Trail of Lights and the Botanical Gardens (not so hot in the off season).  His first New Year's Eve party happened this year (though we didn't make it until midnight - I don't think he minded).  He also had his first road trip this past weekend to Grandma and Grandpa's during which he slept 7 hours straight for the first time!  Perhaps the pack-n-play will become his new crib if that's his habit! His first time as a wedding guest was tonight, and again, he did fantastic. 

Everett is in 3 month clothes now.  He is too long for all the newborn clothes and even some 3 month sizes.  He is long and lean and rarely fills the clothes out in the belly.  We go to the pediatrician later this week; I can't wait to see how much he has grown!

We love our little guy so much.  Everyday I feel like I love him the most I could possibly love him and then the next day I love him even more.  Life is so good.  We are so blessed.

Check out Professor McQuack below.  There are more pictures of if you follow the link in the right corner of this page. 

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  1. so adorable! treasure every day (i know you guys do!) but, it just goes by so quick!!!