Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Positive Energy of Babies

I have to give credit for this topic to Matt Sherrill.  We had a great conversation about this last night.  He mentioned how amazing it is that babies have such an influence on the world around them.  It's so true!  Babies are nothing but positive energy.  They have the power to make people smile, behave, be goofy, and just plain love.  Most babies (it is most unfortunate that I cannot say "all") do not yet understand tragedy, sadness (other than the communication of their needs), hatred, etc.

This makes me think about how many of the world's religious writings talk about how we are never tested beyond our means.  I realize that babies are not exempt from this either.  They will experience these things in time, but not until they have the ability to deal with it and process it.  With this thought in mind, I should not be troubled when Everett experiences tests and trials as it will be within his ability to handle it as promised by God and will serve to strengthen his soul.  I'm sure this will be a difficult task for me to not be troubled (a test of my own) -- so I guess we will both be strengthening our souls.  :)

So here is my charge: to foster the positive energy he possesses and make sure this flame only grows stronger.  What a great job!

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