Wednesday, December 30, 2009


2009 meant the loss of two great women in our family and the addition of our Everett.

Elma Keahey, my mother-in-law, was a kindhearted and generous woman. She was continually concerned with the well-being of her family and those that surrounded her. Early this year she was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer that had metastasized to her brain. Though the cancer badly affected her brain and ability to communicate, she was very clear in making sure everybody was alright. While in the hospital she continually told us she loved us, asked about how my parents were doing, and even offered to share her hospital food with us. She was one of the first people who we told we were pregnant, and her face lit up when we did. It was a blessing for us to be able to share that news with her. If she were here now, she would wrap her arms around Everett and give him all her love.

Mary Potter, my grandmother, was a caretaker of all. She prided herself in her cooking and her family among other things. She had a killer spaghetti sauce and always had to make sure everybody was well fed plus some. She taught me about being a lady and that ladies can curse every now and then. Whether she meant to or not, she was a funny woman. She suffered with Alzheimer's for many years and therefore her essence had been gone for a long time. Her passing brought sadness as well as relief as she suffered for too long. She too would have loved Everett very much.

And among these losses, we had happiness and hope. We were pregnant with our baby and soon to meet him. He brought a renewal of life and great joy in November. In honor of these two women and mothers, I hope to be an amazing mom to Everett. I hope I can, with Eric, teach him the qualities it takes to be a strong, compassionate, and loving man, husband, and father.

And from the next world, I know these two are assisting us and loving us. I pray for their happiness as well as ours.

Eric and his mom at our wedding
Lauren (my sister) and Grandma Mary

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  1. It is already apparent that you are an incredible mom who I am so honored to call my daughter!
    (you are dragging me into the age of blogging and I don't know how to post a comment except as anonymous!)
    love you lots!