Wednesday, March 28, 2012

9 Months In, 9 Months Out

I stole that title from a friend.  I just think it is so profound (to me, at least) when thinking about the time pregnant versus having Pax out here with us.  Life, of course, feels so very different now.  In a wonderfully blessed, busy, joyous, chaotic, playful, loud, messy way.

Paxton is now a little over 9 months.  He had his well check recently, and I was surprised that his stats showed him to be about 50% in height and weight.  My impression was that he was a big guy, but at this point in time he is pretty average.  His previous stats were more like 90%.

Height: 28.6 inches (50-60%)
Weight: 20 lb 3.5 oz (40-50%)
Head Circumference: 45.5 cm (52%)

He is crawling, cruising, and will walk with his dino walker.  He's commonly found clutching a stray sock he picked up from the floor...his own, Everett's, Mom's, Dad's, it doesn't matter.  He'll eat anything he can get his hands on.  He especially loves pebbles, food Everett has dropped, wood chips at the playground, leaves, catfood, etc.  *sigh*  I do a fairly good job of keeping non-food items out of his mouth, but he definitely tries hard and succeeds on occasion.  As far as actual FOOD, he is doing well with mushy finger foods, but only has one tooth so far, so is quite limited as far as table food.  He recently started signing "more", which he likes to use at meals as he requires more, more, MORE!!!  That would be a main reason I thought his weight would be a higher percentile.  That and those juicy, juicy thighs.  Haha!

He continues in his cranial band, and we expect another month and a half or so in it.  It has done wonders, and I now fully and enthusiastically endorse them if anyone asks. 

Pax babbles a bit, but overall is much quieter than his brother was.  At times he goes all out noisy with squeals and babbling, but for the most part he observes and talks just a bit.  No discernible words yet.

Yesterday in the car Everett and Paxton were laughing hysterically at/with each other for no reason other than they are brothers, and they exchanged a few looks.  It was awesome and reminded me of when my sister and I could make each other crack up with a simple look.  They are starting to have more fun together.  I'm looking forward to seeing them play together when Pax starts walking soon.  Should be a riot.

"Blue Steel"

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  1. I always thought the same when both boys turned 9 months. It's so crazy! Noah is also more quiet than Jacob was. But, he's doing things faster than Jacob did...which I've heard happens all the time with younger siblings b/c they want to keep up. I'm so happy his band has helped so much. What a blessing!!! I LOLd at his favorite foods list. food. I can totally relate. Noah prefers leaves, blades of grass, (also his brothers leftovers and dropped food), and most recently the little fuzzballs that gather in our carpet. Beautiful. :)