Friday, March 9, 2012

Food Fun and Other Updates

Pax had a blast shaking this maraca at the Children's Museum.

My new favorite picture.  Everett wanted to go down the slide "togever".

I went for a run with my friend Mary, and her two girls.  Everett and Natalie hit it off immediately.

Sweet Rachel, Pax only seems disinterested because the seat is pushing his helmet forward.  Or perhaps he was playing it cool.  Or falling asleep.

Sucking off the top of the broccoli.

"This is GOOD, Mom!"  Music to my ears.

More bwocky pwease!

Singing into the broccoli?  Haha!

Eric's ogre bedtime story to Ev last night was that it was the ogre's birthday.  Everett decided he had a cereal cake, so today we made rice crispy treats and sang happy birthday to the ogre.  Haha!  What fun.

This felt so sneaky.  Because it was.  Everett gets so mad when Paxton steals his straw cup.  Well, today Paxton not only figured out how to use his own sippy cup but proved proficient at Everett's straw cup of juice.  Ev was none the wiser while I giggled inside.

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