Friday, April 30, 2010

New Food Friday

From here until eternity (or whenever we quit), Fridays at the Keahey home shall be dubbed "New Food Friday"! This is the day I shall introduce a new food to Everett, but we thought maybe it would be fun for us to try something new on Fridays also.

So...carrots! Delicious, organic, picked from the farm goodness. Most of you probably know that we have a CSA membership (community supported agriculture) in which we get a big basket of fresh picked veggies every week. From this I made his carrot baby food for this week and turnip for next week. For the carrots, I steamed them, put them through a food mill, added some of the water from the steaming to thin it out, and added some rice cereal for added vitamins and to make it go a little further. I made the turnips next without washing out the carrots from the food mill. So it's a mix of turnip, carrot, rice cereal, and breastmilk.

His initial hesitancy included some really cute yucky faces which I did not capture very well on camera. By the end though he was loving it.

As for OUR new food, I finally found a way to enjoy kohlrabi. We have actually eaten this vegetable before, but we have never enjoyed it or had it in this way. I cooked it in this Thai curry, and it was fabulous! So since we decided to also try a new food on Fridays at 6:30pm, this is going to have to count! :)

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