Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Food Friday #2

Well, we seem to have delved into food with a bit too much vigor.  Pax is practically begging for the food we eat in front of him, but his little body just isn't as ready as his mind.  It certainly isn't ready for two meals per day.  After four days of carrots, we finally figured out that it was the reason for 2+ hours of crying in the night.  We went a few days with no solid food, and the wake-ups stopped.  Over the last few days he has had very little solids, but we have introduced pear both in its whole state (through a net as seen below) and pureed.  This was started after he very jealously watched Everett and I share a pear.  I couldn't help but give him a small piece, and he really went to town on it.  I would not have guessed you could eat pear entirely through mesh.

On the verge of upset.  Ev's hand is a blur because it is about to push Pax onto the pillow so he can relax.  Pax didn't quite look at it the same way.  haha!  It really was well intentioned.

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