Saturday, January 15, 2011

Simon Says...

Everett is so hilarious lately!  I love seeing him imitate us.  Here are a few good ones. 

This first one is from when Eric was talking to me on his cell phone.  Everett grabbed the TV remote hoping we could have a conversation as well.  :)  Today he was playing with our landline (don't worry, I unplugged it so that he would not call 911 and babble in their ear).  I showed him how you talk on the phone by saying "hello! etc, etc" to nobody.  I then found him with the phone to his ear saying "errow?" (think how Scooby Doo would say hello).  It was so hilarious!  I tried to get him to do it again on camera, but it was a one time performance. 

One of his favorite things to do is bang on the keyboard and "use" the mouse.  You can see the mouse is removed in this picture.  It takes abuse, so we must periodically save it.

This morning he got the cat food out of the pantry, brought it to the cat bowl, and tipped it like he is pouring it in the bowl.  I didn't even realize he had seen us do this very often.  Pretty cute.  :)

What will this kid do next?  The learning seems to be taking off exponentially these days!

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