Friday, January 21, 2011

Everett's Words

Sometimes I struggle with whether or not to post things like this.  I don't want to appear braggadocios, but ultimately the purpose is for us to have something to look back on and remember in 10, 20, 30, etc years.  And the grandparents like to read this stuff too.  :)  I find it fun to look at my baby book and see what I was doing at different ages, so perhaps it will be fun for Everett as well.

Everett's language skills have exponentially increased with the start of him walking regularly (oh yea, now he's a pro walker as of a few days ago!) -- coincidence?  I doubt it.  There must be some link between the coordination of walking and the brain connections to make language work.  Watching language and walking develop has been so incredible for us. 

Everett's words at 14.5 months
1. His favorite word, said daily, is fish.  Said "ish" and accompanied by the sign language version (him waving his right arm in the air).  Today he woke up saying "eat" and "fish" in sign language, which meant either he wanted last night's dinner for breakfast or he wanted breakfast and to read his cat book which features a fish on the cover.  He looooves to point out when he sees a fish.  I usually end up looking around and sure enough, there's a fish.
2.  all done - this comes out in a very enthusiastic almost scream "ah dah" with arms that shoot up by his ears in "so big" fashion (sign language).  He uses this to tell us when he's done with his meal, which isn't always accurate.  Once I thought it was really cute when he screamed with arms up "ah dah! ah dah! ah dah!" three times.  hahaha!
3.  mama
4.  dada
5.  again - "geh"  He usually says this after we have just read a book, and he would like to hear it again.  And again.  And again.  Or if we're doing something silly which requires a repeat performance.  :)
6.  kitty cat - "ki ca" sometimes accompanied by sign language.  He likes to scream when he sees our cat, Franky, in the morning.  Sometimes the screaming involves words: "KI CA!! KI CA!!!" The cat promptly runs away.
7.  no - a nasal "nonononono".  It's never just one.  :)  Sometimes accompanied by his hands criss-crossing in front of his body as his Aunt Lauren taught him. 
8.  duck - "du"
9.  yes - "ess"  usually said in an "of course" tone of voice when asked a question.
10.  down - "dow" usually to get help getting off the couch (which he doesn't need but sometimes requests anyway)
11.  what is that? - "tizzat?" said frequently while pointing at something.  Curious guy.  

And some words he has said recently which I can't really count in his vocabulary yet as he has only said them once or twice - mouth "mouf" (while pointing to a toy's mouth unprompted - so proud), dog "dah", nose.

Though he doesn't say ear, he can point to them.  We are working on body parts lately.

Sign language words, but not verbal yet - more, eat, butterfly, milk, thank you, please, baby, banana, car, shoes

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