Sunday, January 2, 2011

An Almost Walker and Fish Lover

Well, something very exciting happened on December 22nd. Everett and I went to Gymboree for some playtime. While distracted by a lady blowing bubbles and maracas in both hands, he took a significant amount of steps (toward those bubbles). He replicated this a few times, then again at home, and again when Daddy got home. The next day he did it a few times, the day after that once, and since then not so much. Hah! So though I can't say I have a walker, I do have a boy that knows how to walk.

While his brain works on that he's been doing some other pretty cool stuff too. Two stories involving a fish.

This morning after finishing his breakfast he gave the sign for "fish" more than once, which is his right arm waving back and forth. I thought maybe he was mixing up his signs and asked him if he was all done. He very enthusiastically signed "all done". At this point I'm still confused why he signed fish and am trying to figure out if it could be another sign I'm not thinking of. I get him out of the chair and he leads me (walking while holding on to one of my fingers) to the living room where his really awesome new CAT book is, which has a fish on the cover. Hah! He signs fish and says "shh". So we read that a bit. When we got to a page on the inside that also has a fish, he signed fish, said "shh" and flipped to the cover. It's so fun to see his brain make new connections. I thought this was especially neat because we had not been to the living room yet that day. This morning he also signed "thank you" for the first time (with prompting). That's one I've been working on for awhile. We were very proud to see that.

Now a story from when my parents and sister were visiting last week. This happened while I was outside, so it is most unfortunate that I did not witness it. What I did witness was my mom crying with laughter when I walked inside. You see, Everett was standing by the above mentioned CAT book when he ripped a big stinky fart. At that moment, he saw the fish on the cover and signed it, which looked like he was waving away his stinky fart. :)

Everett will be 14 months tomorrow, and my dad will be the "18 year old Swedish boy" he's been for years. Lately Everett loves putting things into and out of other his toys into the trash or the hamper, and the letter "I" through the "O" in his bath alphabet. He is really starting to put stuff together and is starting to say more words gradually. I assume the expert walking will come soon as well. He is working on his first 4 molars, which will make 12 teeth when they're in. Two have cut through, and we're waiting on the other two. So far, cutting molars is not as bad as I had expected, though it's not nearly over yet. And my dad can proudly say he has all his teeth, is an expert walker, and only puts trash in the trash can. Happy birthday Dad!

Meanwhile, I am giddy waiting for our good friends Johanna and Soroush to have their baby boy any day now. And am so excited to find out on Tuesday if we are having a house of boys or a balanced gender household. That is presuming we stop at two. :)

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