Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yay! He Travels Well!

We recently returned from our first major family vacation. I consider this one "major" since it involved an airplane. Our reason for travel was a family reunion to celebrate my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary! How wonderful to be married and in love for so long. It was beautiful to look around and see all the family that came from their union.

This cake was so cute. My cousin Emelie made it. It's a family tree with all of us represented on cookies. Here's Ev's...

Everett was a trooper and a half. He was at his happiest amongst all the people and all the love. He survived 6 hours on a plane, 13+ hours in a car, 4 different cribs, and 20+ relatives with very minimal fussing. I must say he was a little fussy to leave all that love and attention (and his two dog buddies). It was a great time. The weather was perfect for kayaking, sailing, and taking a dip in the cold water of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

During this trip, Ev learned how to wave. It was so funny to see how this developed. It started out like he was saying "5, 4, zero" and then looked like he was flipping pizzas with a flat hand waving in the air.

He talks a lot lately, and he (my mom and I swear) said "baby" in the car, plain as day. haha! I'm suuure this was maaaaybe not intentional and probably will not be repeated for many many months, but it sure was neat! And he hears it all the time, so why not! He also might have said "thank you" in sign language, but I'm not sure. We're working on sign language; I'll do a separate post about that sometime. I can't wait to see it kick in.

He's really close to walking; therefore, my number one priority right now is getting him to respond to his name. The second goal is to get him to come to me when called. I realize now I should have thought of this earlier, but now that he's close to walking, I do NOT want him to walk away in a public place and not respond to me calling him. I'm sure he'll still be close by, but you never know. He likes to go, go, go! Which is why he's so close to walking in the first place! Baby need new shoes!

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  1. so glad it was such a successful trip and that Ev did so well! and i LOOOOVE that cake! what an awesome idea! :)