Saturday, April 3, 2010

5 Months

Well life just keeps getting more and more fun. This month was full of activity: wriggling, squirming, scooting, almost-crawling, etc. We have been so lucky to be able to have Eric home for two weeks, and we had ourselves quite a staycation. My parents came to visit us, and then we visited them while my Aunt Barbara was visiting from California. My sister came to visit from Ohio. We went to the Kite Festival, the Rodeo, Barton Creek, and had plans to do a lot of other things that there just wasn't time for.

Overall, this month has been so fun. Everett is so full of life and is such a happy boy. We are so blessed. He makes our life bliss.

Some things Everett is doing lately:

-If you place him in the corner of the crib, he'll stand on his own for a good bit of time. I'm trying to get Eric to stop encouraging this. I am excited for the times when he is walking and crawling, but at the same time, I like putting him down and knowing he'll stay in relatively the same area. At least the same room.

-He is so close to crawling. When he is on his belly, he bucks up on his legs, but he just can't hold his upper body up at the same time as seen below. He does a great job with either the upper or lower half, but has a hard time getting them both up together WITH his head off the ground. Despite that, he really can move. He scoots and rolls, and can get himself quite far that way. This picture makes me laugh - he looks like he's trying to have a wheelbarrow race by himself.

-He seems to be moving places and grabbing things with more intention now. He puts his arms out when he wants to be picked up.

-He puts his feet in his mouth - a classically cute moment.

-The laughing is more frequent and easier to elicit. He enjoys when a face comes toward his quickly. He also enjoys raspberries, brumskies, belly blows, whatever you grew up calling it. Everyone seems to have a different name for that, but I think you know what I'm talking about. :) Silly faces and noises are a hit as well. He really loves his Aunt Lauren and smiles a lot at her.

-He is constantly squealing with delight. Often loudly. It's awesome.

-In the parental development department, we are much better at reading when he's tired, hungry, etc. It gets easier all the time, and it's almost as if he's speaking a secret language to us that we just "get".

-Sleep: It was a challenge this month. As previously mentioned, he is quite an active kid. So he gets himself stuck in the corners of the crib regularly. We spent the month reassessing his ability to get himself out of the situation, and were planning to re-do sleep training. Lucky us - we waited just long enough and he seems to be back to his 10.5 hour stretches on his own. :)

Here are a few pics. I'll be uploading an album to picasa shortly with much more (link on the right side of the page).

Too. Many. Crepes.

Ughhh...I'm in backrub heaven...I'll be with you in a minute. (with Great Auntie Barbara)

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  1. that 2nd picture is HI-LARIOUS! great update, he's doing awesome!!! :)