Thursday, December 3, 2009

Everett is 1 month old!

Wow - I can't believe a month has gone by.  Everett had his one month visit with the pediatrician today.  He is 9 lb 9 oz now and 22 1/4 inches.  Sometimes I feel like I'm watching him grow before my very eyes.  It amazes me to see clothes that were SO big before almost not fitting him now.  I don't know what I expected...a baby that doesn't grow?  But does it have to be this fast?  He'll be driving and dating and leaving for college before we know it!  Whew...slow down.  :)

Something struck me today while at the dr visit.  Just two weeks ago, when we were at the doctor and he was getting some blood drawn, he screamed it out as you would expect.  He did that this time too with receipt of his second Hep B shot.  The thing that was different though was that he took comfort in Eric and me while he was upset.  As much as I hated seeing him get that shot, I loved realizing that he takes comfort in us holding him.  Those little things which make this baby stuff a lot of fun are starting to happen  more and more.

He is watching us more intently now.  He tracks things and us with his eyes, keeps his eyes open more, and has more quiet alert time.  He sleeps for 3-4 hrs at a time at night.  His head is strong, but there isn't a lot of control yet.  I told Eric I expect to call him telling him I'm on my way to the hospital because Everett head-butted me and broke my nose (hopefully not, but I wouldn't be surprised).  There are more smiles, but they still are not in response to anything yet (they are fun nonetheless).  There's a lot of grunting and squeaking and every now and then we get a sneak peak at his little voice.  And he definitely keeps us entertained with lots of silly faces.

We've been blessed with help from family and friends making this first month more manageable.  Big thank you to my mom for helping us - it would have been much more difficult (and I'd be much less sane) without you.  

Some good news -- today we were told in our dr visit that next month we can start training him to sleep through the night.  She spoke of 10-12 hr stretches!  What?!  I can't remember what that's like!  I'm not even sure if I could sleep that long, but I'd sure like to try!!!

Here are some recent photos of our cutie pie.  :) 


  1. I can't believe he is soooo big compared to the hospital picts! LOVE the puppy outfit, he very cute :) Can't wait to hold him. Monalisa

  2. awww! soooo precious! wow, that 1st month FLEW by!