Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Farewell Tour

I wrote this post awhile ago, but was waiting for some photos to add.  Rather than continuing to let it sit, I'll just post it sans extra photos and details.  

We are so sad to say goodbye to Austin and all the wonderful friends we have had here.  I am particularly sad to leave the community of momma friends I've made since Everett was born.  I don't know if I'll ever find such an amazing community again.  I also look at this house, and I see where I nested with my big bellies holding Everett and then Paxton, where I rocked them to sleep, where they took their first steps, learned to crawl, eat, walk, etc.  More beautiful memories to come in our new home, but this one has definitely been chock full.

So this week while Eric has been home from work, we have been doing some things we love in Austin.

Day 1: Hike the Hill of Life to a waterfall, and take a dip in the swimming hole!  We are so proud of Everett (and I so proud of Eric's patience through tantrums and turtle speed).  Ev climbed the hill of life back to our car, and despite wanting to be carried, he did the whole thing himself.  He collected a rock on his journey, which he has named "Stegosaurus" while pretending it was a dinosaur bone.

Day 2:  Collect mementos of our city and take a classic Austin photo.

Day 3 (after a few days of rest): Hike Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve with our Adventure Friday friends!  We learned about butterflies and caterpillars on a special tot tour.

Day 4 (after Eric's work week):  Say good-bye to our Alma Mater and collect some items to show our Longhorn Pride in Colorado.  :)

And we ate lots and lots of our favorite Austin foods throughout!  :)

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  1. Glad you got to soak in lots of fun Austin things before you left. I love your family picture in front of the Austin sign. Perfect! Texas won't be the same without the Keahey's but I'm sure big things are in the master plan for you guys in CO. Enjoy it, sweet friend. Can't wait to see all the fun you guys get into. :)