Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two and a Half Year Old Funnies

Oh, to be two and a half.  Everett has definitely reached the age where some funny stuff comes out of his mouth regularly.  Here are a few.

Me: "Everett, I'm going to give you five seconds to start brushing your teeth or I'm going to do it for you.  One...Two..."
Everett:  "Zero!  Zero, Mom!"
That took the moment from stressful to giggles - thanks little buddy.

I explained how plants need water to grow.
Everett: something like..."Rain come down on my head, make my hair wet, grow big and tall!"

And while we're talking about being tall...
Me: "Everett, someday you're going to be tall like Daddy!"
Everett: "Gonna be tall like Daddy.  Bonk my head, make me cry."

And while we're talking about bonking heads and crying...
Every time Ev gets a boo-boo, "need kiss!" quickly follows.  Isn't it great that a kiss holds such power for these little ones?  So at a rest area once he fell on the playground and cut his lip.  His mouth is bleeding, he is crying, people are looking, and he's screaming, "KISS ON MOUF!  KISS ON MOUF!!!" as he is pulling (hard!) my face toward his and I'm pulling my face away trying to somehow get out of magical kiss duties.  I tried my best to make a non-bloody cheek, close to the mouth kiss work.  He healed ok, so it must have been fine.  Phew!

There are only a few words he pronounces funny now, and I just love them.  The first is "hepitopter" for helicopter and "scoop over" for scoot over. 

Some funny daily phrases:
"Gotta say scue eee (excuse me) chair/Pax/whatever object is in his way" as he moves it.  It's just funny that he ALWAYS says "gotta say" instead of just saying excuse me.
"That be sound good?" as he is convincing me what we are going to do or eat next.

If I think of any more good ones, I'll update the post.  That be sound good?

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  1. Cute Cute...However....he gets scoop over right...that's how I say that be sound good :)