Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Happy Mudder's Day"

Oh wowsers.  Mother's Day has jumped up exponentially on the this-is-special scale now that Everett can understand it and speak in sentences. 

A few weeks ago (before Mother's Day, just incidental), he told me, "You're a superhero, Mom!"  Agreed, little buddy. 

And now (a week after Mother's Day) he will randomly come up to me hunched forward and getting his face in front of mine say, "Haaaappy Muuudder's Day, Mom!" while presenting me with something he drew or a toy or just for the heck of it.  He says it in the funniest way - a way that indicates he knows it is something special and that it will make me really happy.  I love it. 

Here is what they surprised me with (along with a spa package, yea!).  It was so thoughtful of Eric to get the boys doing this, it gave Everett immense pride, and Paxton finally got to play with finger paints.  Win-win-win!

I love my family, and I love being these boys' Mom!  It was a great Mother's Day.

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