Saturday, May 5, 2012

Everett's Tender Heart

One of the qualities I adore in Everett is his sweet, sweet love toward babies.  He is so interested in them right now, and will choose patting a baby on the head over playing on a playground.  In the first picture, he was saying "Hey Baby Boo" sweetly.  That cracked me up because that's something I say to Paxton sometimes.  The second picture is a random display of affection toward his brother, not encouraged or staged by me.  And the last picture is his instinctual reaction to a sculpture of a baby.  What I think is so amazing (I know, I'm his mother) is that this little being contains SO much energy and excitement, and at the same time can slow down and be so gentle and sweet.  Love you Ev.

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  1. Awww, I love this post so much. I always think the exact thing about Jacob. He can be so rough and non-stop energy. But, he also has a very loving heart and is so sweet to his brother (sometimes, ha) and little babies. (Especially Farshid's baby!!) I also crack up because Jacob will talk to Noah the same way Badi and I talk to him. in a very high pitched voice "Nooooahhhhh, how was your nap??!! Hi sweet boy!!" hahahaha. I wish I had a camera 24/7 to document the hilarious things that come out of his mouth. I'm sure you feel the same with E. :)