Friday, April 6, 2012

Pioneer Farms

I used to think bluebonnet photos were an inane Texas tradition.  Bored of pictures of children plopped in wildflowers, I did not have the inclination.  But I've changed my mind.  Faced with a possible out of state move, I feared this would be my LAST CHANCE to take pictures of our kids in bluebonnets!  All of a sudden, I HAD to do it!  I've had my eye on the new lens for our camera, and with wildflowers in season, I had the motivation to go buy it.  Unfortunately, we got to the field when the sun was a bit high, and the boys don't exactly take direction.  And - major rookie mistake - I arrived with a full memory card!!!  I was so mad at myself.  I had thought to check it, but, well, the story of my life these days - I got distracted.  So while I frantically deleted some, the boys ran around giving me great material.  I eventually got some shots in, and I may take them to a field early in the morning sometime when Eric can help me.  There are a few I like below, but I need a re-do before the flowers disappear.

Despite being walking distance from our house, this was the first time we explored Pioneer Farms.  We will have to return, as it is a great opportunity for Everett to see "more animals!"  It was also a jackpot place for photos.  For example, I got to put Pax in a bucket.  Heh heh!

On another note - I am learning how to take care of a 2.5 year old and a 10 month old in the summer now.  I turn into a flustered mess half the time, but as I've experienced in the past, that shall pass.  The winter didn't add a layer of challenge as we don't really need jackets, hats, mittens, etc all that often.  I imagine bundling two takes some skill to get out the door and back without losing pieces and having tantrums.  Summer now...that is our Texas challenge.  It is already reaching the low 90's.  Poor Paxton gets so incredibly hot in his helmet.  This is going to have to be the end of his extended outings until the band comes off in a month and a half.  The stroller drives them both crazy because they end up invading each others' personal space AND they're hot.  When we do reach home, it's a race to get them cooled off, clean, fed, and napping in order for me to get that precious shower in as well.  It's hot enough that you feel disgusting until you can bathe.  My other rookie mistake today was forgetting the Ergo...which may have not worked out anyway because of, again, the heat.  But having use of two hands is always appreciated.  I'd say the pictures didn't turn out half bad for holding Pax while taking the shots of Ev.

It's clear I like my subjects on the left or right third.  I need to practice more with the top and bottom third for some variety.

Move legs!  But when you get a face like that, you take it!

He looks displeased at being placed in a bucket, but he is content.  I swear.  :)

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